Training Summary: August 7-13

After completing my summer racing season with a 30:07 8K in Allen Park on August 5th, I started my 18 week buildup to the masters cross country nationals in San Francisco in December. Last week, I ran 46 miles in 6 days. Mainly pretty easy distance running with two harder workouts: a 12 miler at 7:30 pace on Tuesday and some hill repetitions on Friday. I hadn't done hills since the spring, but I felt better than ever running 8 reps at race pace on a fairly steep 400 meter hill with easy jogs down for recovery. I'm feeling really fit and if I can hold my mileage at 45-50 in the coming months, good things will happen. 17 weeks to go!

reverb  – (9:33 PM) the topic, but I was blogging and saw your r´n´r spot and shift a gear...

so you have a record company
I have a band

yeah I play primal rnr kind of trashy surf noise sling..


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