Beer of the Week: Pumpkin Ale Taste Test!

BMLC teammate Stephen Magee took a Pumpkin Ale taste test. Here are the results:

Many say I am just a Dogfish honk. So I had several friends over for a blind beer tasting. I harvested 4 pumpkin beers (I have already reviewed Dogfish Head Punkin Ale), here is the combined review of the three others. First we have an entry from New Holland Brewery "Ichabod". This beer had great artwork on a very nice 6 pack with a flowery and detailed description. Yet that is the best thing I can say about the beer. All tasters complained about the weak color and lack of any flavor. This one hit the drain and was never finished. I recommend you look at the 6-pack and keep walking, don't look back. The next entry was from Blue Moon Brewing Company controlled by Molson/Coors "Pumpkin Ale". This brew was pleasing to look at and had a slight sweet aroma, but not much taste. It was similar to any American Lager and the words "Ale Brewed with Natural Pumpkin Flavor" did not inspire the masses to flock to this beverage. My pal Andy claimed he could taste New Jersey (where all food additives are created in labs) in this beer and that fact that is was bottled in February made me wonder if it would work as anti-freeze in my car this winter? If you like American Lager and want to some off some seasonal brew you could sever this one. The last entry is from Michigan Brewing Company "Screaming Pumpkin Spiced Ale". This beer had a nice amber color and a STRONG smell of cloves and All-Spice. With one swig you can understand why this is called screaming, very spicy and full of flavor. The finish is a bit strong may be too much for some. Worth a glass or two, this beer is your mother's pumpkin pie after your kid sister dropped in extra spice, pie on steroids! The only one of the batch I can recommend. All beers listed here come in a 6-pack and retail between $7.99 and $9.99. Spice is the variety of life, you have to open a few skunks to get a gem.

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