Training Summary: October 16-22

Another kickass mileage week. 55.5 miles in 6 days with some beastly workouts, including a 16 miler on Monday where I ran 8 miles on the Rocky River Metro Parks bike paths and 8 miles on the horse trails in Mastick Woods. Wednesday I did 7 x mile repeats with only 60 seconds rest between each rep and averaged 6:05 with my last 3 sub 6:00 (final one in 5:48). Thursday I did 8 miles on grass (that is the running surface -- I haven't toked up in close to 2 years!) and Saturday 10.5 miles hard on the horse trails again. I'm getting in really good shape now and can't wait for the Iron Turkey races in November and of course, the cross country national championships in December.

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