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I'm well stocked on cushioned neutral trainers as I've won pairs of New Balance 882's and Nike 30/40s at two recent races, but I was kind of hurting for lightweight trainers now that my Nike Zoom Elite 3's are getting near the mileage limit I put on shoes. My favorite local running store, Second Sole in Rocky River, Ohio just got in the newest Nike lightweight trainer, the Jasari, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Wore them on an easy run today and I have to say they feel pretty good. For an 8 ounce shoe they have a lot of cushion. This will be a perfect shoe to wear for tempo runs and track workouts or even in a longer race like a 10 miler or half-marathon. For you older guys and gals out there, the Jasari's remind me a lot of an early 80's Nike classic, the Terra TC. Knowing Nike they'll probably get discontinued pretty quickly, since that seems to happen with a lot of their best shoes. Rumor has it the Elites have just been axed.

Goatlips  – (6:06 AM)  

Sadly, these trainers are indeed now discontinued. I was fortunate enough to get myself a pair of iD-ed ones (My Nike Zoom Jasari+ iDs).
I've done 55km across sandy woodland in all weather, sometimes inclement. That may not be much by Ben here's standards, but they're holding up fine. I guess I got lucky, I didn't realise they were only 8oz, they were just the nicest-looking (vegan) nikes I could iD. Currently, the next best thing are probably the LunarTrainer, also animal-friendly, iD-able and compatible with Nike+/iPod pedometer.
With the Jasaris I do have aching tendons in the arch of my feet, but that's almost certainly from doing 5 minute hill run shuttles 3x per week, which is all done running on my toes.

P.S. This Ben character sure is a fast distance runner!
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