Jet - Cold Hard Bitch

This Aussie band is definitely a Seventies throwback, but they've got the three "S's" that are largely missing from today's crop of overly sensitive musicians, namely: sleaze, sexism, and skinny guys (ever notice how doughy some of the current indie stars are like the dudes from Decemberists and Death Cab from Cutie?).

ZenDenizen  – (5:51 PM)  

I like Jet's music but I still found it funny when Chuck Klosterman said the only people who want to cover their music are second graders :)

Ben Szporluk  – (8:41 PM)  

That's pretty funny! I like Jet because they rip off all the dumb but cool stuff I loved as a kid in the 70s like AC/DC and Who's Next era Who. Like that scream at the start of the song I posted is totally stolen from "Won't Get Fooled Again"! Rock 'n' roll was never supposed to be intelligent -- Lou Reed once said that one chord is cool, two chords is pushin' it and three chords is fucking jazz! That's a punk rock manifesto right there.

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