Training Update: Dec. 17-23

Had a good solid week of 40 miles on 6 runs, aiming more for quality than quantity. I had three key workouts that went very well. On Monday I did a session of 8 x Rockcliff Drive hills (probably slightly more than 400 meters). A nice steep climb -- those sure hurt! On Thursday, I ran an 8 mile fartlek workout in the Metro Park with surges of 6-5-4-3-2-1 minutes with half-time rest breaks, and Saturday I did an 8 mile progression run on the same Metro Park course, finishing the last four in 24:38 (6:20, 6:13, 6:06, 5:59). I'm looking forward to a winter of solid conditioning and building strength by running hill reps every week and intervals, fartleks and tempos on hilly courses.

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