My job is like a cult!

Ever since the company I work for went through a big consolidation and closed down a bunch of regional offices and made the Cleveland office their main East Coast hub, I've felt more and more like I'm part of the Rev. Jim Jones' juice-drinking gang and we all know how that turned out. Hell, our boss man is even built like the Kool Aid mascot above and he's always so pumped up at work that I wouldn't be surprised if he let out a healthy, "Oh, yeaahh!" every once in a while. We keep getting more and more bizarre rules sent down to us from our HR Dept. -- the same folks who banned Rolling Stone Magazine from our office (see my past Blog entry about that). Now we can't even bring our coats into the office -- they have to be kept in hallway closets. Everyone ignores that one though. Luckily I was out of work last week when we had a big staff meeting where the higher-ups went on and on about how much they love the company etc. (maybe they needed to convince themselves). My friends at work who were at that meeting said I was really lucky to miss it. But, it's a good paycheck with good benefits and it supports my running 'career' pretty nicely! I think I'm just a bit frustrated because I'm the last of the generation of kids that were raised to believe that you could make a living doing something you loved... You know all that What Color is My Parachute? hippie crap. I had a good run with the rock 'n' roll stuff (for about 3 or 4 years my entire income came from working for a label/running my label, writing and DJing) and maybe as I get more and more immersed in the running scene I can find a job related to sports and become a more enthusiastic worker bee again.

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