Hungry Like The Spear Tooth

Just got back from seeing 10,000 BC. Not the best movie of all time by any means, but much better than the critics have been giving it credit for. This Sabre Tooth Tiger, or as it was referred to in the movie as a "Spear Tooth," got me thinking. Man used to have to kill to survive, but now we just sit around in cubicles, getting the life blood sucked out of us as we push paper around and dick around on the computer. Many of us, luckily not me (my wife rocks!), also get further emasculated as we get dragged around to the mall on weekends, buying stuff for our homes to somehow justify putting up with all the work crap during the week. The novel (and movie) "Fight Club" had it right. Men need to learn how to be men again, not in this faggy drum circle kind of way where we get in touch with our feelings, but by pushing ourselves to the limit. Chuck Palahniuk is right -- men have no business knowing what a duvet is! No, not all of us can kick the shit out of each other like in Fight Club, but we can do some sort of sport whether it's pumping iron, cycling, or in my case, competitive long distance running. I never feel more alive than when I'm redlining in a race and my legs and lungs are giving out on me but I keep pushing myself to the limit. Somehow it makes my life more tolerable when I come to the office with dead legs from my workout, numb enough not to give a shit about what gets thrown on me when I get to my desk.

Erik Donald France  – (2:22 PM)  

Amen, brother. Came across this via 24 Hour Party People and right on re: Fight Club.

So I might quit my cush Motor City day job and hit the road. After all, it's Jack Kerouac's birthday!

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