Pain Don't Hurt!

It's the last weekend of March but sub-freezing temperatures greeted us at the Canal Park Home Run Trot 5K race in Akron. In addition to the brutal cold -- the winds were REAL rough out there -- the general consensus was that the course was a little long. It appears that the finish line was further back than last year. My teammate, Ron Dorfeld, had it at 3.17 miles on his Garmin and said that the 3 mile mark was accurate, but that the finish was long. Anyway, to get to the point, I was 6th overall in 17:48 and the second master behind Ron who ran 17:16. Based on my 3 mile split I probably should have been around 17:15, which makes sense based on my 5 mile time 2 weeks ago. In any case, I'm really happy with the race and if nothing else it was a good threshold gut buster as my pained expression gives evidence too. This great photo was taken today by Dan Dudek, who emailed me via the Team Good River site.

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