My Adidas

Just bought my first pair of Adidas running shoes since starting my 'comeback' at the end of 2004, a lightweight trainer called the Adizero Tempo. I had worn the Adidas Marathon 80 racing flats back in high school because my idol at the time, Craig Virgin, wore them. They were damn good flats too. These days I'm not tied to a single brand because a) I'm too old to hero worship and b) I'm not fast enough to get free shoes on a regular basis from any shoe company. The Adizero Tempo has a nice ride. When I bought them at Second Sole last week I liked them better than the newest versions of the Nike Zoom Elite and Mizuno Elixir, which were too soft for my tastes. The previous versions of the Elite and Elixir were right on and I loved them and even raved about them here. Why do shoe companies keep changing things? Right now, I wear the Tempos for my regular workouts and the Nike Zoom Jasari+ for my faster workouts. It feels good wearing lightweight trainers all week. As I've become faster, heavier more cushioned shoes have become more uncomfortable to me. Guess I have a need for speed!

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