Elephant Stone Podcast Interview

My wife, Bella Vendetta, did an interview with cool UK music podcasters, Frogcast the Podcast. You can check it out here. In addition to the interview, they play some tunes from the label, including "Neon" by Daydream Nation, which was used on a Tony Hawk commercial.

As you know, the label has been on hiatus for about a year though there was a good amount of licensing activity that more than made up for a lack of new release sales. As far as future releases go, I think I'm going to stray away from the mass produced CD business model. CD sales are dying everywhere and wouldn't you know, limited edition vinyl is coming back. Elvis Costello just put out an album that is only available on vinyl or digital download. We're thinking about doing the same thing starting with a series of limited edition 7" singles with screen printed covers done by cool artists.

Getting good at running is more important to me than rock 'n' roll right now, but I don't totally want to shut music out of my life so doing something more low key on a hobby level is a nice compromise and will help make working for the man more tolerable.

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