Training Update

I haven't posted one of these in a while because I have a link to my training log on here, but everything is going really well. Did my first track workout of the year on Wednesday, April 2. No that's not a typo -- the weather has been really crappy here this winter. I did the old school Arkansas Breakdown workout (though some people say they stole it from the late great Athletics West club). My high school coach had us do this in the early 80s too. In any case, it's a ladder consisting of a mile, 1200, 800, and 400 with 400 meter jog rests in between. I started at 5K "effort" for the mile and hit 5:31, followed by 4:04, 2:39 and 75. A good rust buster. I'll try to forget that in high school I could start at around 4:45 or so for the mile and finish in like 64! I also ran a very smooth 23:56 4-mile Tempo today, starting at 6:11 and working down to 5:49. My next race will probably be a 5K in mid-April and I definitely plan to do the next Run Ohio Grand Prix event, which is a 5K in Barberton on May 3.

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