Pimpin' Myself Out!

I just learned that sales for the company I work for are down over 15% this year and morale in the office is at an all-time low. Lots of people have been putting in their notice this year. Without giving the name of the company away (if you read my resume, you'll find out), I edit press releases for wire distribution (mainly financial) for lots of publicly traded Fortune 500 companies. The job was great when I started three years ago when the company had a bunch of small regional offices. Just over a year ago, after a huge consolidation, Cleveland suddenly became the East Coast hub due to some incredible tax breaks we were able to get to create lots of jobs in Cleveland. Thing is we hired a lot of people and a lot of them have already quit after being here one year or less! The closeness we had in the old Cleveland office seems to have all but disappeared and there are a lot more corporate rules and regulations (see the entry I wrote last year about Rolling Stone being banned in the office for being sexist!).

I need to get out, sooner rather than later, so I've been getting off my ass and shopping around so to speak. If anyone wants to read my resume, I have a link set up to my Linkedin profile.

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