Training Update

Like good rock 'n' roll bands, global warming seems to have bypassed Ohio, but I can feel Spring start to slowly kick in and I'm feeling ready to roll. I've got a 5K race coming up next Saturday and I think I can get damn close to breaking 17:00 for the first time as a Masters runner. This past week I ran 51 miles with two solid workouts. On Wednesday I did 3 x mile in 5:27 on the track with 2:30 rest breaks and that felt relatively easy and controlled. 5:27 pace works out to 16:59 on the nose for 5K so I'm getting there. Yesterday I did a 4 mile tempo run in the metro park in 23:46 (5:56 pace) in windy and rainy conditions and that felt relatively easy too. Short tempos (3-4 miles) are supposed to be run at 25-30 seconds slower than 5K race pace with the focus being on keeping your effort as smooth as possible, so again I hit the exact zone I should have been at for this workout too. This week's plan is for some easy running with a mid-week moderate speed workout. As of today, I'm thinking something like 8 x 400 @ slightly faster than 5K race pace (maybe 5:20 pace) with brisk 200 jogs in :60 for my rest breaks.

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