Shoe Review: Saucony Grid Tangent 3

I'm a fan of lightweight running shoes as everyday trainers, but ever since Nike discontinued the Elite and, subsequently, the Elite 2, I've had a hard time finding shoes that I've liked enough to buy a second time. I really like the Mizuno Elixir 2, but didn't like the Elixir 3 and just tried on the Elixir 4 and didn't like those either. Why do shoe companies upgrade so much? Hopefully, my problems have been solved. I just got the Saucony Grid Tangent 3's last weekend and really love them. They're light (9.4 ounces) and while comfortable, they're not overly cushioned. I like to feel the road when I run and these shoes feel really good. I wore them on my most recent 12 mile long run and they held up great. Right now I'm alternating these with the Asics Speedstar, another lightweight trainer that I like a lot. The Speedstars are lighter (a bit more like a marathon racing flat) so I tend to wear those on my tempo runs and non-track interval workouts. When I'm feeling really ready to roll I bring out my racing flats. Anyway, enough shoe geek stuff. Really enjoying the Sauconys.

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