Training Update

The St. Malachi 5 mile race was the perfect tonic for dusting off the winter rust. The weather has been pretty great since then and I feel like my training has taken a turn for the better. I managed 58 miles last week and will probably hit 60ish this week. A few days after the race I did some hill reps on the Detroit Ave. hill in the Metro Park and Saturday I did a workout recommended in Pete Magill's 5K training article where I did a fartlek consisting of two sets of 3:00-5:00-8:00 with 3:00 rest breaks. The 3's and 5's were done at 5K race "effort" while the 8's were at tempo pace. I think this is just what I needed with the Meteor 10K coming up in Dearborn in a few weeks. This week I'm going to do some 5K pace reps and on the weekend I'll probably do a shorter, speedier fartlek workout for a little turnover. In between the quality workouts I've been doing a lot of easy 8 milers to maintain the aerobic engine.

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