Younger Legs For Older Runners

Younger Legs For Older Runners is a new masters running website, hosted by Pete Magill, who happens to be a multiple American age group record holder at distances ranging from 3K-10K, as well as a four-time USATF cross country champion. His website is a goldmine for information on training, racing, and, perhaps most importantly for us old folks, injury prevention. While the website is only a few weeks old, Pete has already tracked down some of the best masters runners in the world for interviews, including Sean Wade, Paul Aufdemberge, Ceci Hopp St. Geme, Nolan Shaheed, and many more. The training insights are especially interesting as some of the elites featured run fairly low mileage while others really push the envelope. If there's a general theme about masters training, it seems to be that half the battle is staying healthy! The interviews with coaches like Tinman, who regularly posts on my teammate Ron Dorfeld's site The Run Zone, and Joe Rubio are equally excellent.

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