Hipsters have Obama Envy?

In an interesting NY Times article entitled It's Hip To Be Round, Guy Trebay notes that there has been a rise in number of chubby hipsters hanging around in Brooklyn. Uh, you only just noticed this? Haven't you seen pictures of bands like Death Cab For Cutie or The Decemberists?! Those guys look their main tour vices are Krispy Kreme and Bob Evans. Anyway, the writer goes on to quote Details magazine scribe Dan Peres, who surmises that this new breed of chubby hipster might be envious of Barack Obama!!!! Great, men have body issues now?

Hipsters, by nature contrarian, according to Dan Peres, the editor of Details, may be reacting in opposition to a president who is not only, as the press relentlessly reminds us, So Darn Smart, but also hits the gym every morning, has a conspicuously flat belly and, when not rescuing the economy or sparring with Kim Jong-il, shoots hoops.

“If we had a slob in the White House, all the hipsters would turn into some walking Chippendales calendar,” Mr. Peres said. Instead, the streets of Williamsburg are crowded with men who are, as he noted, “proudly rocking a gut.” Mr. Peres’s magazine has a term for these people: the new “poor-geoisie.” But the people lining up for $13 lobster rolls at the Brooklyn Flea last weekend hardly looked as if they were worried about making the rent.

Frankly I'm getting tired of this Barack Obama is athletic crap. Sure the guy is skinny, but he's a chain smoker and have you seen footage of him throwing out the first pitch at the All Star game and bowling on the campaign trail? About as athletic as the fat hipsters the article writes about! I voted for the guy, but definitely not for his athletic prowess. Say what you want about the last guy, but if nothing else, Dubya could reach the plate when he threw the first pitch and ran a pretty decent marathon while governor of Texas.

The article concludes:

...What once seemed young and hot, for gay and straight men alike, now seems passé. Like manscaping, spray-on tans and other metrosexual affectations, having a belly one can bounce quarters off suggests that you may have too much time on your hands.

“It’s not cool to be seen spending so much time fussing around about your body,” Mr. Hicklin said.

And so guys can happily and guiltlessly go to seed.

So hipsters don't have time to work out any more? Too busy playing with their vinyl toys and drinking PBR to shed a few pounds. Hey, I like rock 'n' roll as much as the last guy but I'll continue to shred my abs while the hipster dufuses shred some extra cheese on their oversized Chipotle burritos.

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