Training Update

Brought it up to 68 miles after last week's scheduled down week and felt great with no issues other than some crazy heat earlier in the week. I already mentioned the progression run on Monday, but the other workouts went well later in the week, including a really good 93 minute hill run today where I did loops in Edgewater Park and hit the hill hard five times alternating high knees, bounding and just plain hard running. I also hit the downhill hard five times at the effort I would hit in the race. As for racing my early season plan is to do the Northcoast Challenge 5 miler on Sept. 5, something on the weekend of the 19th/20th (coach Pete wants me to try to find an XC race if possible) and the masters 5K road race championship in Syracuse on October 4. These will be some of my last races as a 44 year old so it will be nice to rock out some good races before I move into the new age group. I think it's a good sign that 65-70 a week feels about as normal as 45-50 did last year (and this Spring before working with Pete), so I'm excited to start incorporating some faster work into my program. Next Tuesday will be 20 x 400 with 100 meter jogs, so that's a nice start!

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