Winter Base: Week 2

The second week of my 10-week pre-season training block went really well. After a frigid start to the week (it was sub 10F when I did my 5 x 4:00 fartlek session on Monday), the weather definitely cooperated for a change. Not that the 30's are all that pleasant but wearing shorts (well, half tights) on yesterday's long run was nice. Outside of those two workouts, my other key session was 8 x 10-second hills on Rockcliffe with a 3.5 mile warm up and 5.5 mile cool down. I enjoy the short hill sprints as they seem to especially help a 'medium' twitch guy like me. The other four days were just very easy recovery runs. Once again I hit 60 miles on the nose for the week. This next week will have a tempo workout replacing the fartlek and if the weather is decent I'll do a set of technique drills on Thursday (otherwise hills). Next Saturday, my long run will be in the 1:45ish vicinity. I've been sticking to the 100-pushups program and am happy to say that I can do A LOT more now than I could 5 weeks ago.

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