Winter Base: Week 4

The weather here got nasty and cold again at the end of this week, but I managed 59.5 miles, closing things up with a 14 miler in sub 20 temps yesterday. Had some really good workouts this week, including 4 x 5:00 w/ 3:00 rests on Monday (weather was ok then) and 6 x 90-second hill reps on Thursday. This was the first time that I did long hills since before Club Nationals so it took a few reps to adjust and remember the rhythm of that workout. When I get in an easy 6 miler later today, I'll end up with 263 miles for the month. This has been by far my best January since I started running again. Solid mileage and a really good mix of workouts every week. It's definitely helped that I've had the Compex Racing Team's base training schedule to follow over the past month. I've got some workouts I'm really looking forward to coming up next month and hopefully, before I know it I'll be toeing the line at some races.

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