Winter Base: Week 3

The weather definitely cooperated with me this week as I finished up with 60.5 miles, my third straight week right at 60 on the nose. Not really intentional as I plan my three easiest days of the week totally by feel and those runs can range anywhere from 5-8 miles give or take. Every day was in the 30s more or less with it hitting a 'balmy' 43 or so when I ran a 13 miler in the park this morning. Other highlights of the week included 20 minutes of tempo work on Monday, a nice easy 11 miler on Wednesday and some short hill sprints on Thursday. Next week should be a good one as I have 5 x 5:00 w/ 3:00 rests on Monday, 6 x 400 meter hill reps on Thursday, and a 13-14 mile long run on Saturday penciled in as the key sessions. On a side note, just picked up a pair of the Brooks Launch as the main lightweight trainer in my rotation and man, do I love these. Only 9.3 ounces but lots of cushion. Highly recommended if you're a neutral foot striker.

Brown Guy  – (10:03 PM)  

Nice! What pace do you do your 5x5:00?

I have been doing a similar workout--sort of...not quite as tough as I've been doing similar reps but @ 3:00 per rep. Since I'm on the treadmill most of the time, I'm only able to go as fast as it will allow, but it's still a solid session most days.

Ben Szporluk  – (10:52 PM)  

I usually do timed workouts like that on unmarked bike paths and go by "feel", so most likely something a little slower than 5K race pace, but really, I just try to get into a groove like I would be in the middle of a 5K race, i.e. pushing it but still having another gear or two. I just looked at my training schedule again and realized that tomorrow is 'only' 4 x 5:00. Next week is 5 x 5. Coach Pete has me build gradually during base training (my first fartlek of the season was 5 x 3 minutes). When the weather gets better I go to the track and focus a little more on the actual pace. Right now it's more about conditioning and fighting the elements though this winter hasn't been so bad.

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