The Stevenson Ranch Davidians - Life & Death

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians hail from the desert country just outside of Los Angeles and, appropriately enough, they conjure up some nice canyon rock meets UK shoegaze/space rock vibes on their second full-length Life & Death. Vocalist Dwayne Seagraves draws you in the same way that Richard Ashcroft does on the best Verve records with his soft and soulful melodies. The new record is a little more grounded than the 2006 debut Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs, which was closer in spirit to the likes of Spiritualized and The Verve. While those influences definitely remain on Life & Death, the Davidians also give icons such as the countrified Rolling Stones (think “Sister Morphine”) and Gram Parsons a shot of their lethal modern space rock sound. (

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