Tindersticks - Falling Down A Mountain

I will never get tired of listening to Tindersticks records just for Stuart Staples’ whiskey-soaked delivery alone; the man creates such lovely, potent, and heartbreaking melodies. Combine that with his band’s astounding epic orchestral arrangements and you have one of the most important musical forces of the past two decades. Like all Tindersticks records, Falling Down A Mountain is definitely masterfully recorded, but this album has a little bit of a looser, more spontaneous feel than prior efforts, almost as if it were a live in studio session. The title track opens things on a heavy, bluesy note, but most of Falling Down A Mountain is much more sublime with gems like “Black Smoke” and “Harmony Around My Table,” which holds their own with stone Tindersticks classics such as “Rented Rooms” and “City Sickness.” (www.tindersticks.co.uk)

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