Mile cutdowns

It's been a few days since I've updated but things are going well. Had a really strong workout on Saturday at Lakewood Park doing 5 x mile cutdowns. This is an old school workout that Oregon used to do a lot back in the days of Alberto Salazar (see image on left) and even recently by the likes of Oklahoma State. You start out at a really comfortable pace (slightly slower than tempo works for me) and you try to drop 10 seconds per mile give or take. For recoveries I jog a 1/4 mile (so just a tad more than 2:00). After an easy two mile warm up I ran my miles in 6:22, 6:15, 6:06, 5:56, and 5:45. Everything felt really controlled, which is a good sign coming into club nationals. This is a good workout to do if you are prone to going out too fast in races. It really teaches patience, which is what I'll need in a 10K cross country race in two weeks. Next up is a low key 5K on Saturday and then it's time to ease back for Seattle.

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