Brooks Green Silence

Just bought a pair of this brand new racing flat at Second Sole Rocky River. Made from 75% post-consumer recycled materials and soy-based inks, the Brooks Green Silence definitely makes an environmental statement -- not to mention that wild Red, Black and Yellow Hansons Racing Team color scheme -- but most importantly, how does it feel? My verdict is that this is an amazing flat. It's lightweight enough for the 5K and durable enough to handle a marathon (or at least a half-marathon for sure), and the cushioning is amazing while not being overly squishy, which was my complaint with the Nike Luna Racer. I bought the Luna Racers last year to be my main flat but after a few races in them I relegated them to lightweight trainer status. Can't wait to break out the Green Silence for a workout or two before my first race of the year on March 13. Between this and the Launch, which I reviewed the other week (really loving those as my everyday trainer), Brooks is definitely my favorite shoe company right now.

Brown Guy  – (7:56 PM)  

Funky-looking shoes. I like 'em. I'm in the market for some racing flats. I'm also almost flat footed, 155 lbs, and wear a size 13. How do you think I'd do in these?

Ben Szporluk  – (8:33 PM)  

I think you would be fine with those. Though they're really light, they don't feel flimsy like the Nike Streak XCs and some of the other more minimal flats. I feel like they hug my feet really well. I'll post a blog update when I get a good workout in them.

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