Winter Base: Week 7

60 miles on the nose with some good workouts this week. On Monday I did a ladder consisting of surges of 3-5-7-4-6 minutes with 3:00 rest between each rep. That went well though the park was especially windy and the footing on the paths not the greatest. On Thursday I did a set of short hill sprints and today I wrapped up the week with a nice easy 13 miler. Weather was awesome today, pushing 40F and sunny for a change. Getting psyched about my race in 3 weeks, all the pieces of the training puzzle seem to be coming together nicely. Next week I'm doing one of my favorite workouts on Monday, a 9 mile progression run where I start slow and run each mile 10-15 seconds faster than the one before. On Thursday, weather permitting I'll be stepping on to the track for the first time in 2010 to do some 200s at slightly faster than 3K pace. If it doesn't snow between now and then, that will definitely be a go.

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