Brooks Launch

Now this is one amazing lightweight trainer! The Brooks Launch weighs only 9.3 ounces in size 9 but has the cushioning of something much heavier. In fact, the Brooks website lists the Launch in their racing flats section though I wouldn't go quite that far. I can say that after about 50 miles in these shoes I love them. I did a 13 miler in them straight out of the box and they felt great. The other day I wore them for a 5 x 5:00 interval session (normally I do workouts like that in racing flats, but the footing wasn't so great that day) and they didn't hinder me one bit. Brooks has a few new racing flats I may check out as well. The T6 has been redesigned in a very cool red color scheme and the new Green Silence flat (made largely from Eco-friendly products) looks extremely interesting as well.

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