Ready to Rumble

Despite all the snow on the ground, I know that Spring is around the corner and with my first race of the year only three weeks away, I'm glad I've put in all of this winter training. I always get a little nervous after a long period without racing, but 2010 has been by far my best winter training block since I started running again in 2005. I've been dead on consistent at about 60 miles a week for the last 8 weeks, which is more than I've ever run in January and February, but more importantly, I've done a wide variety of workouts, ranging from hills (short sprints and long reps), long intervals, tempos, and a long run of at least 12 miles once a week. Getting out there every day is a plus, but being disciplined enough to do a lot of the unpleasant workouts that really make you better is a double plus. I've also stuck to my pushups and have been doing them 3 days a week. It may be psychological but I feel strong and I'm definitely more toned (I've gone up one t-shirt size).

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