Winter Base: Week 6

Only one month till my first race of the year and the training continues to go well. Hit 61 miles for the week, feeling really good on all of my key workouts. Monday I did 2 x 15:00 at tempo effort on the bike path in Lakewood Park; Wednesday was 6 x Detroit Ave. hill repeats and today I ran for 2 hours (probably somewhere between 15-16 miles), feeling very strong even at the end, which I think is a good sign considering the weather wasn't the best. Hopefully the snow will disappear soon because I have some track workouts scheduled to begin in a few weeks though I may have to make some adjustments depending on the weather. Next week will include one of my favorite fartlek workouts: a ladder of 3-5-7-4-6 minute surges with 3:00 recovery between reps, as well as some short hill sprints and a 1:45 long run. I'm also going to pop into Second Sole on Monday to try on some new racing flats. I'm hoping that the Brooks Green Silence work out because they look like such a cool shoe!

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