Winter Base: Week 5

Another really good week braving the winter elements. Hit 59 miles with three really good 'key' workouts, including 5 x 5:00 w/3:00 rest on Monday (nice and cold and windy for that one!), a series of short hill sprints on Thursday (those have really been working for me -- my form feels real smooth lately), and a 12 mile long run today. Next week will be tougher. My long run will be 2 hours (16 miles give or take) and before that I'll be doing 30 minutes of Tempo on Monday and 6 x 400 meter hill reps on Thursday. Feeling really strong and confident as I work my way through this winter base phase. Only 5 weeks till my first race! Speaking of that I think I've finally mapped out my Spring/early Summer season race schedule (see sidebar). Two 10Ks, two 5-milers, three road 5Ks and one cross country 5K (assuming they'll have that Oberlin XC race in May again).

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